WFLO - Scientific Advisory Council

The WFLO Scientific Advisory Council is an eminent group of food scientists, logistics, and packaging experts from around the world. The council provides cutting-edge research and advice to members of the Global Cold Chain Alliance and its Core Partners.

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Chairman and WFLO Scientific Advisor

Dr. Michael Jahncke, Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research & Extension Center, Expertise: Fish Products


WFLO Scientific Advisory Council

  • Dr. Jeffrey Brecht, University of Florida, Expertise: Cool-Climate Fruit & Produce
  • Dr. Patrick Brecht, PEB Commodities, Expertise: Refrigerated Transportation
  • Dr. Paul Dawson, Clemson University, Expertise: Poultry Products
  • Dr. Donald Fenton, Kansas State University, Expertise: Refrigeration Engineering
  • Dr. Brian Fugate, University of Arkansas, Expertise: Supply Chain Management
  • Dr. Cody Gifford, University of Wyoming, Meat Science
  • Dr. Dennis Heldman, The Ohio State University, Expertise: Food Process Engineering
  • Dr. Faris Karim, Kansas State University, Expertise:  Ammonia Contamination and Food Toxicology
  • Dr. Barbara Rasco, Phd JD, University of Wyoming, Expertise: Food Safety, Food Safety Regulations
  • Kees Jan Roodbergen, University of Groningen, Expertise: Logistics and Operations Management
  • Dr. Vicky Salin, Texas A&M University, Expertise: Agriculture Economics
  • Dr. Subramaniam Sathivel, Louisiana State University, Expertise: Frozen Food Quality
  • Dr. S. Paul Singh, Michigan State University, Expertise: Packaging, Package Labeling
  • Dr. Donald Schaffner, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Expertise: Microbiology
  • Dr. Charles White, Mississippi State University, Expertise: Dairy Products
  • Dr. Elhadi Yahia, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Expertise: Postharvest Technology, Tropical Fruit & Produce

SAC Emeritus

  • Dr. R. L. (Bob) Henrickson, Oklahoma State University, Expertise: Meat Products
  • Dr. Daryl B. Lund, University of Wisconsin, Expertise: Food Science
  • Dr. Joseph Sebranek, Iowa State University, Expertise:  Meat Products
  • Joseph Slavin, Jos. Slavin & Associates, Expertise: Fish Products
  • Dr. W. F. (Will) Stoecker, University of Illinois, Expertise: Refrigeration Engineering


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