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The International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) supports the needs and interests of organizations involved in the transportation sector of the cold chain.

It fosters good commercial and trade relations between transportation companies, their suppliers, and customers; gathers and disseminates data and information to members; and protects the interests of its members from unlawful and unjust measures and practices.



IRTA will promote and strengthen the refrigerated and transportation logistics industry.



IRTA is organized to cultivate, foster and develop commercial and trade relations between those engaged in all aspects of producing, importing, exporting, transporting, warehousing commodities requiring temperature and/or atmospheric controls and related services:

  • To gather and disseminate data and information to members.
  • To protect the interests of its members from unlawful and unjust measures and practices.
  • To conduct activities toward promoting and strengthening the interests of those engaged in the transportation and handling of temperature and/or atmospheric controlled goods and related services.



IRTA was established in 1994 to meet a growing demand in the transportation industry. Prior to that time, no single association existed wherein refrigerated transportation companies would have the opportunity to exchange valuable information, ideas, and insights.

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