GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program

A GCCA Program designed to help cold storage warehouse energy usage management

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Warehouse energy usage is the second highest cost in the cold storage industry behind labor. Managing energy usage costs is a high priority for temperature-controlled 3PL operators. The GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program (EERP) helps temperature-controlled warehouse operators measure and improve energy efficiency at each of their facilities. 

The EERP is also a tool you can use to communicate your facility’s progress in meeting sustainability objectives to your customers, allowing you to be a better partner in overall cold chain sustainability.

Using qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, operators can track facility performance over time, as well as receive progress reports with recommended next steps and links to useful resources. Top performers will be recognized based on energy culture and magnitude of savings.


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How is Energy Excellence Measured?


Participants submit qualitative and quantitative data via two analytic tools, available for download under How to Enroll below

  • Facility Data Collection Form

A form is used to input facility data, including energy consumption, product throughput, wet & dry bulb, and facility characteristics. Each facility establishes a baseline year using historical data and measures performance over time.

  • Web-Based Assessment Tool

A self-administered web-based tool evaluates energy culture and maturity across 12 modules, including management commitment, human and financial resources, energy KPIs, and operations.

How Will I Benefit?


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify and change energy usage behaviors
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Promote their efforts to current and potential customers

How To Enroll


Participation is open to all companies operating a temperature-controlled space. 

  • Step 1 : Complete the Energy Management Application ,* which includes basic facility information and characteristics. If you are an International Warehouse, download this International application. (Mandatory for program participants) and email to energy@gcca.org

  • Step 2 : Complete the Energy Reporting Model Data Entry Form * for an additional fee to receive quantitative feedback on year-over-year energy consumption   (Not mandatory, but required to receive output report and be eligible for award recognition)  and email to  energy@gcca.org If you are an International Warehouse, use the  International Energy Reporting Model Data Entry Form.  

  • Step 3 : Complete the online Energy Management Self-Assessment (Mandatory for all program participants) for qualitative feedback on your facility's general culture towards energy consumption. This online assessment takes approximately 15-30 minutes and results in an assessment report. (A score a level two (2) or higher on all twelve (12) modules is required for gold-level recognition, provided the quantitative analysis demonstrates improvement in energy efficiency over time.)

  • Step 4:  Receive recognition for award level achieved, share the good news with your networks, and explore ways to improve or maintain your facility's energy efficiency.

  • Step 5 : Renew Participation annually to maintain your focus on energy efficiency!

Learn more about the five steps

Explore program tutorials and additional details 

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Program Costs



Initial Fee

Annual Renewal Fee

GCCA Member Company $650.00 US per facility $350.00 US per facility
Nonmembers Contact energy@gcca.org for rates

If you would like to register 10 or more facilities, contact energy@gcca.org for discounted renewal rates. 


Program Tutorials & Additional Information



Program Forms For Warehouse Facility Data Collection & Analysis


There are three forms used for data collection and analysis with the GCCA Energy Excellence Recognition Program. 

  • The Energy Management Application is an enrollment form, used to collect basic facility information like location, and characteristics like cubic footage and types of refrigeration systems. This is mandatory for all program participants.  


  • The   Energy Reporting Model Data Entry Form is used to deliver quantitative feedback and provides users a  detailed look at their year-over-year performance towards energy efficiency. Users can select a baseline year by which to measure energy consumption on a monthly basis (KwH), the type of refrigerated space being used in the facility, and throughput.  Once this form is completed, a n output report will be generated that reviews annual energy usage by product throughput. It includes a year-to-year comparison of energy savings against the baseline year showing if the facility has improved, maintained, or even reduced energy efficiency over time. Participants can also see quarter-by-quarter performance to identify how seasonality and environmental conditions impact their facility's efficiency. Finally the output report includes findings on in-floor heating systems and lighting, including where upgrades or improvements may drive energy efficiency. This form is not mandatory, but is required to receive the output report and be eligible for award recognition In order to be eligible for gold level facilities must achieve a 5% energy efficiency over their baseline year.    View the tutorial


  • The    Energy Management Self-Assessment   is an online evaluation tool of  qualitative attributes in management structure and  overall culture around energy efficiency. It allows participants to identify areas that may need improvement including management commitment, KPIs,  employee engagement, monitoring, operations, documentation, and more. The assessment takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. Once completed, participants will receive the Energy Management Assessment (EMA) Report, which can be used to compare the facility’s dedication to energy efficiency over time. The EMA will also provide resources or next steps participants can take to improve and achieve a better score on future assessments. Upon completion of this form, participants will receive reports of historical progress over time. This is mandatory for all program participants.   In order to be eligible for the silver or gold level recognition, a score of level two (2) or higher across all twelve (12) modules is required . View the tutorial .



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